Words simply can't express how flattered, elated, humbled and truly grateful I am for the weekend that has just passed.

Saturday night was the official album launch for Snapshot at the Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park; one of the few venues I've ever encountered which has captured the perfect balance between intimate space and several hundred seat capacity venue.

During soundcheck, my manager Graham (in his quiet, efficient way), let me know that a young lady by the name of Erin had arrived to interview me for her school project. The project was about people with interesting and unusual jobs..... I dare say, I was more excited about this prospect than my very professional interviewer.

Being interviewed by Erin backstage at the Wilde Theatre

Being interviewed by Erin backstage at the Wilde Theatre

With soundchecks and interviews and merchandise table decoration completed, there was an odd moment of calm for me... like being in the eye of a beautiful and entirely uncontrollable storm. This was it! Time to release my debut album to the world.
I was so excited to walk out there on stage, I could hardly breathe.

The crowd, though unnervingly quiet and attentive, were an absolute dream. And that old saying 'it's the quiet ones you have to watch' rang true with the sounds of their cheering, whooping and applause come the final number.

I'm so very grateful to everyone involved; the support bands All Things Considered and Small Strings, Lewis and Tony our fabulous technicians, the most helpful and friendly staff at the Wilde Theatre, my manager Graham for an absolutely Herculean effort in putting this tour together and, of course, the show wouldn't be called 'Caddy Cooper and Friends' if it weren't for the most talented musicians I know- my band- Jon Ormston, James Mitchell and Rob Gilmour. Fellas, it's an absolute honour to stand beside you on stage. I was excited about this project when it was supposed to be solo.... Now, I'm bursting at the seams to make the tour a reality.
Big Love xx