Sunshine Hot- Official Video
Summer Single- Outside the Wire (Crosswind Records, 2015)

Message from Caddy:
"I'm often asked if I ever have time for 'normal life' while on tour. Truth is, the schedule can be hectic and the travel grueling at times, so you have to make the most of the little snippets normal when they arrive. I decided to start collecting 5 second footage of those moments whilst on the first leg of the Outside the Wire Tour. The simple things in life bring me a lot of joy and my aim was to portray that in this video.
I hope it sends a little sunshine your way too xx"

Caddy Cooper performing her song "Safe" from the recently released album "Snapshot". This live performance was filmed in one take (first one - way to go Caddy!) which really brings home the incredible talent Caddy holds. Filmed on location in Cyprus by Double Happy Films ( Direction/Shooting/Edit: Owain Pennington Lighting: Pete Rathbone, Steve Harris, Ricky Willon Location scouting: Pete Rathbone.

Live at the Snapshot Album Launch.
Filmed by Joe Knipe at the Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park Arts Centre.